March 12, 2015

Prueba de Comida #4: Chocolate Oscuro con Quinoa / Taste Test #4: Dark Chocolate with Quinoa

[English below]

Español: Estamos de regreso otra vez con un video de prueba de comida! Honestamente, estoy empezando a creer que nunca van a haber pruebas de comida suficientes. Hay tantas cosas deliciosas en el mundo y un montón de combinaciones extrañas e interesantes para encontrar por todos lados que nunca me falta inspiración. Eso, y simplemente me encanta comer, que creo que sea algo que todos tengamos en común. Así que, con eso dicho, echamos un vistazo a un poco de chocolate llenado con quinoa (?!) --- 

English: We’re back once again with a taste test video! I’m honestly beginning to think that there will never be enough of them. There are so many yummy foods in the world and plenty of funky, quirky combinations to find all over the place that I’ve definitely got endless inspiration. That, and I just kinda love eating, which I think is something we all share in common. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some dark chocolate filled with quinoa (?!) ---

February 18, 2015

Flourless Chocolate Cake / Pastel de Chocolate sin Harina

English (español abajo): I think this flourless chocolate cake is the perfect example of “better late than never.” Although it was technically intended for Valentine’s Day, if you think about it, there’s never really a bad time for some rich, dense, fudgey chocolate cake, am I right? So, if you’ve still got a hankering for more chocolate than Valentine’s Day provided, this recipe should totally do the trick. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy. With that said, on to the video, my bloggy valentines!

Español: Creo que este pastel de chocolate sin harina es el ejemplo perfecto del dicho, “más vale tarde que nunca.” Aunque lo tenía planeado técnicamente más para el Día de San Valentín, si lo piensen, creo que nunca hay un mal momento para un poco de pastel de chocolate rico, denso, y llenísimo de chocolate, ¿no creen? Así que, si todavía tengan ganas de comer más chocolate de lo que proveyó el Día de San Valentín, esta receta debe ser perfecto. Además, es sorprendentemente fácil. Con eso dicho, ¡ya vámonos al video, mis amiguitos del Día de San Valentín!

Flourless Chocolate Cake (español abajo)
A La Kocinera Original Recipe

8 oz. (250g) dark chocolate, chopped (bars, not chocolate chips)
2 sticks (8 oz. / 250g) unsalted butter
2 tablespoons heavy cream
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon instant coffee (I use decaf)
5 eggs
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

To serve
about a 1/4 cup powdered sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (~180 C). Coat a 9-inch cake pan with butter and set aside.

In a large pot over medium-low heat, melt the butter with the chocolate and heavy cream. Once melted, turn off the heat and move the pot to a different part of the stove. 

Add the sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and instant coffee to the pot and stir well.

Add the eggs one at a time, stirring well after each egg. Stir in the cocoa powder.

Pour the batter in the prepared cake pan and bake for 45-50 minutes, until the cake is firm. Let it cool completely and place it in the refrigerator overnight (you can cool it completely and serve at room temperature, but I like it better cold). The next day, dust the cake with powdered sugar and serve.

Pastel de Chocolate sin Harina
Una receta original de La Kocinera

8 oz. (250g) chocolate oscuro, picado (barras de chocolate, no chispas de chocolate)
2 barras (8 oz./250g) mantequilla sin sal
2 cucharadas crema para batir/nata para montar
3/4 taza azúcar granulado
1/4 cucharadita sal
1/2 cucharadita extracto de vainilla puro
1/2 cucharadita café instantáneo (yo utilizo el café descafeinado)
5 huevos
1/2 taza cocoa en polvo sin azúcar (sin endulzar)

Para servir
más o menos 1/4 taza azúcar en polvo (azúcar glas)

Precalienta el horno a 350 grados (~180 C). Cubre un molde de 9 pulgadas con mantequilla y déjalo al lado.

En una olla grande sobre fuego medio-bajo, derrite la mantequilla con el chocolate y la crema/nata. Ya que estén derretidos, apaga el fuego y coloca la olla en otra parte de la estufa. 

Agrégale a la olla el azúcar, la sal, el extracto de vainilla, y el café, mezclándolos bien.

Agrega los huevos uno por uno, mezclando bien después de cada huevo. Agrega la cocoa en polvo. 

Vierte la masa en el molde ya preparado y hornee durante 45 a 50 minutos, hasta que el pastel esté firme. Déjalo enfriar completamente y colócalo en el refrigerador por la noche (se puede dejar que se enfrie completamente y servirlo a temperatura ambiente, pero yo lo prefiero frío). El próximo día, tamiza el azúcar en polvo/glas sobre el pastel y sirve. 

January 30, 2015

Taste Test #3: Zapp’s Crawfish Chips & Voodoo Chips / Prueba de Comida #3: Papas Fritas Zapp’s de Cangrejo de Río y de “Voodoo”

English (español abajo)
While I love trying any and all new foods, there’s a special place in my heart for interesting flavors of chips. In this case, we’ve got Spicy Cajun Crawtator chips and inscrutably-named Voodoo chips, both from Zapp’s. I won’t give away too much of what I thought, since that’s what the video’s for, but I will say that they immediately got points from me just by being kettle-style chips, which I love for their amazing crunchiness. The crunchier the chip, the better, in my book. But, enough about crunchy chips. The real point of this taste test is the super interesting flavors themselves, both of which I’ve never tried before. So, on to the video!

Aunque me encanta probar cualquier comida nueva, hay un lugar especial en mi corazón para sabores interesantes de papas fritas. En este caso, tenemos a papas fritas de los sabores “Spicy Cajun Crawtators” (como papas y cangrejo de río) y el inescrutablemente nombrado sabor de “Voodoo” (vudú), los dos de la marca Zapp’s. No voy a revelar demasiado de mis impresiones, como es por eso que tenemos al video, pero sí voy a contarles que estas papas fritas obtuvieron unos puntos conmigo sólo por ser del estilo caldera (kettle-style), que me encanta por su textura súper crujiente. Entre más crujiente sea la papa frita, lo mejor, para mí. Pero, basta de papas fritas crujientes. El propósito verdadero de esta prueba de comida son los sabores súper interesantes, los dos que nunca había probado antes. Así que, ¡vamos al video! 

*Disclaimer*: This video was not sponsored by Zapp's. These opinions are my own and I bought these products myself.

*Descargo de responsabilidad*: Este video no fue patrocinado por Zapp's. Estos opiniones son míos y yo compré estos productos.

December 23, 2014

Peppermint Hot Chocolate / Chocolate Caliente con Menta

English (Español abajo)
I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of blog space discussing my love of peppermint-flavored foods. Every time the holidays come along, I’m immediately in the mood for peppermint in all of its yummy, seasonal forms. As you can see by the title of this post, this year is no different. This Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe is full of minty goodness, plus deliciously rich hot chocolate. In fact, even if peppermint isn’t your thing, just omit the mint extract and you’ve still got some fantastic homemade hot chocolate. Either way, be sure to give the video a watch and try it for yourself!


Me parece que utilizo una cantidad exorbitante de este blog para discutir mi amor para toda la comida que sabe a menta. Cada vez que llegue esta temporada, inmediatamente tengo ganas de comer comida de menta en todas sus ricas formas. Como pueden ver por el título de esta entrada, este año no es nada diferente. De hecho, aún si no te guste la menta, sólo hay que omitir el extracto de menta y todavía tienes chocolate caliente casera fantástica. De todos modos, échale un vistazo al video y pruébalo por ti mismo!

December 10, 2014

Prueba de Comida #2: Pocky de Té Verde / Taste Test #2: Green Tea Pocky

Español (English below)

No estoy segura de si subí mi último video de pruebas de comida por este blog (lo de los chips Lay's del sabor pasta macaroni con queso cheddar y tocino), pero esta vez decidí que iba a subir el video por el blog sí o sí, aunque no sea un video de receta. Todos somos fans de la comida, así que me imagino que nos gusta hablar de dulces también.

No hay mucho que decir en la entrada de blog que no digo en el video, así que voy a dejar que se lo vean lo más rápido posible para que puedan charlar conmigo en los comentarios sobre los Pocky, que son uno de los mejores dulces en el mundo, por lo menos según mi opinión. :D


I’m not sure if I posted my last taste test video on this blog (the one about Lay’s Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese Chips), but I decided that I was going to definitely post this video on the blog, even if it’s not a recipe video. We’re all still food fans, so I imagine that we like talking about snacks, too.

There’s not much that I can say in this blog post that I don’t say in the video, so I’m going to let you guys go ahead and watch it as soon as possible so we can chat in the comments about Pocky, which are some the best candy in the world, at least according to moi. :D

July 23, 2014

Pineapple Shrimp Spring Rolls / Rollitos de Verano con Piña y Camarones

English (Entrada en español abajo)

I think I’ve recently become addicted to spring rolls. Before, I wasn’t such a fan, but something happened this summer and now I think they’re the cat’s meow. Maybe it’s because the weather has gotten soooo hot these days, but now I love eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can. I even ate a bowl of Rainier cherries as a snack a few days ago! (I don’t tend to be one of those people that truly enjoys a snack of fruit. I would eat fruit as a snack, but always with something that I honestly liked as well—fruit was just for the vitamins. But now I love the fresh, light flavor of raw fruits and vegetables. Hence my recent love of spring rolls.

*Fun Fact* Did you know that in Spanish spring rolls are called “rollitos de verano,” or "summer rolls?"

June 16, 2014

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Kit ハッピーキッチンドーナツ

English (Español abajo)

Have you ever heard of Kracie’s adorable candy kits? They’re these super cute candy kits from Japan that you can use to make candy versions of waffles, sushi, hamburgers, and in this case, donuts! I’ve seen tons of YouTube videos showcasing these beauties and knew that I had to give one a try for myself. I learned three important things in this process…

(1) I am terrible at icing teeny tiny donuts. Even worse, these are meant for children. I almost have a Master’s degree and I cannot successfully assemble a children’s candy kit.

(2) These donuts are more for the fun of making them than the joy of eating them. Just so you don’t get your hopes up. They taste okay—just like your basic kid’s candy.

(3) That being said, this was super, super fun!

If you’d like to see how I put together my admittedly less-than-stellar donuts, be sure to watch the video below!

June 2, 2014

Grilled Mushroom Sliders Revisited / Sliders de Champiñones a la Parrilla

*Since I recently made a YouTube video showcasing this yummy recipe, I'm reposting it here on the blog as well so we all can rediscover some deliciously easy grilling.

English (Español abajo)

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “glamping,” in which one goes camping, but usually from the comfort of a hotel room with fluffy robes and round-the-clock meal deliveries. To some (read: me) that’s basically the only kind of camping that should exist. These burgers are basically the grilling version of glamping. You get to be super healthy and use baby portobello mushrooms instead of ground beef patties and cook them on a grill pan from the air-conditioned comfort of your own home, with nary a fly or UV ray coming anywhere near you.

May 14, 2014

March/April Favorite Things / Cosas Favoritas de Marzo/Abril

English (Español abajo)
It may seem that things have been somewhat quiet around the blog for a while now, but it’s actually just that I’ve been doing a few non-food-related things over on YouTube these days. Since this is primarily a food blog, I wasn’t sure how well they would fit in over here. However, I’ve talked about my other interests before on this blog and it’s not fair to leave you guys out on my current YouTube-y fun, so I thought I’d try including blog posts featuring some of my other YouTube ventures. Today, we’re talking about favorite things!

Thanks to some lovely (read: not lovely) internet problems that I’ve been having since March, I didn’t end up posting a March favorites video, so April’s video is going to be a March-April hybrid. For those of you who’d prefer to hear about it all in video format, here’s the YouTube video all about my March/April favorite things.

March 7, 2014

February Favorite Things / Cosas Favoritas de Febrero

*Español abajo*

Since my YouTube channel shares a lot in common with this blog and this blog features recipes posted on my YouTube channel, I thought it might be a good idea to post non-food-related (is that a word?) videos over here as well! 

This favorites video for February features, yet again, food and knitting. The food part should come as no surprise to anyone here, however the knitting is a newer phenomenon for me. And, I’m proud to report, after only about 2-3 months, I’ve finally mastered how to make one hat. That being said, it’s quite a lovely hat with only a minimum amount of alpaca fuzz migrating into my lungs in the process.

We also discuss my channel reaching over 100 subscribers (What?! Also, it involves a mini bundt cake) and my love for the Olympics.

So, if you’re into any of the above, be sure to check out the video!

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