June 1, 2010

The Beginning


Do it with me!


Feeling centered? Good, me too.

I really don’t know how to begin a blog. Whether to rattle off some essential facts about myself, pull up a soapbox and pontificate, or simply dive into gushing about bacon.


But I digress. Essentially, this is meant to be a food blog, touching on recipes, techniques, and any and all aspects of food. In short, I. Love. Food.

Although I am but a wee college student at the moment, I plan on attending culinary school and becoming a chef of some sort. My idea is this: Whatever loyal follower(s) this blog finds will be able to learn and grow alongside me. I’ve been a passionate home cook for years, so I like to think that I’ve acquired some basic skills and tricks.

Beyond food, I love film (movies and TV), music, and books, to name a few. You will find all these subjects addressed in this blog because, even though I love food, I love other things as well. I’ve never been one of those people that have one specific hobby or interest that sets itself high above all others. So, seeing as blogs are such a personal thing, I figure that mine should be like me…eclectic.

I can’t say that I know where this whole experience will lead, but I’m a big believer in life being all about the journey. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll look back with awe at how something amazing began. Or, maybe I’ll look back and just see a fun hobby. You never know!

To make a long story short, in the end, this is the beginning.

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