June 10, 2010

My Afternoon: A Series of Haiku

Line-drying pasta,

Julia Child is busy,

Pasta is not French.

Same ten commercials,

Is all Cooking Channel has,

I can recite them.

That’s a good asset,

Cooking Channel should hire me,

I make good cupcakes.

Galloping Gourmet,

Full of seventies goodness,

Graham loves his white suits.

Why write a haiku?

Because haiku are easy,

I don’t like poems.


  1. Loved that! Hilarious. you sound like me. I hate those same commercials again and again. I love Juilia and Graham. Your haiku was awesome!

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked my poetic observations. :D I've been a fan of Julia's for a while, but I've just started watching Galloping Gourmet and I love it!


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