August 29, 2010

Oh yes, I’m Versatile. If by “Versatile” you mean “Bonkers”.

I received this Versatile Blogger award a couple of weeks ago and have severely procrastinated posting about it, thanks to some other recipes I was working on as well as the most recent Daring Bakers’ challenge. If it’s any comfort to you (although I don’t know why it would be, as most of you didn’t even know that I got this award), the seven interesting things about me that I have to post with it were definitely rolling around in my brain all the while.

After all, what is interesting? Interesting for me can border on the odd and slightly strange. For instance, freshman year of high school, in theater class, when my friend Celine (name changed to protect the innocent) and I had to scrape paint and tape off the stage floor while everyone else got to build sets, we spent the week singing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” as we scraped and scrubbed away at the floor like we were in the chorus of “Annie”.

Fascinated yet?

Okay, I’ll stop babbling and just get to the actual award pseudo-ceremony.

In accepting this award, I must first thank the people who so kindly bestowed it upon me.

You all are fabulous bloggers in your own right and if I had any clue whatsoever about the rules of this award I’d send one right back to each of you.

Next comes the seven interesting facts about me. In no particular order…

  1. I speak Spanish fluently, understand Portuguese almost as well (although I don’t speak it—thank you Romance languages for all your marvelous similarities!), attempted to learn French but my brain kept switching to Spanish, and I know a fair amount of melodramatic Hindi from watching an obsessive amount of Bollywood movies.
  2. I was robbed of first-chair clarinet in junior high band.
  3. I’m addicted to Starbucks and coffee in all its forms.
  4. My biggest pet peeve in the entire universe is the sound of people chewing.
  5. I do the best Russian accent you’ve ever heard.
  6. I want to live in a Barnes & Noble. If that’s not possible, I’d be perfectly happy with Anthropologie. Or The Container Store.
  7. I dance a mean merengue.

Finally, I must pass this award on to a few of my other favorite bloggers.

I love catching up on all of your yummy creations and fun stories. Enjoy this photo of an award—from me to you. I personally geeked out over it way more than you’d expect.


  1. Koci, congrats and thank you! This is my first blog award! I love reading your blog and am so excited that you chose to pass this on to me. Thanks again! I'll post about it soon!

  2. hey girl! congrats on the award and thank you for passing it along! cool. I liked learning those quirky little bits about you. that's so fun. I appreciate the shout out! Koci's in the K-house! Ok, that was dumb and sounded way cooler in my head.

    I love your style of writing: witty, informative and fun.

    P.s. Annie was my favorite broadway musical gone movie EVER. I watched it hundreds of times when I was little. I still can belt it out, when needed.

  3. Thanks again for the award! and congratulations to you for yours! It's always very much fun to read you. Now that I know you share with me knowledge of latin languages I wish I could actually talk to would be fun to mix them all :)

  4. @Marisa: You're very welcome! Yay for your first blog award! I'm sure it'll be the first of many. :)

    @Lauren: haha Of course! "Annie" has definitely been a staple in my house, too.

    @Sara: Oh absolutely! That would so much fun. All our languages would be an interesting mix. Perhaps it should be called Spantalian? hehe :D

  5. Congrats Koci! I love your blog and the variety of things blogged thereupon. Barnes and Noble is truly a wonderful place. How do you feel about Sur La Table too?

  6. Becky, like you have to ask! lol

  7. Congrats on the award! Great to learn a few things about you in the process - lol...

  8. Hi Koci

    Congrats and well deserved for your great blog.

  9. @Eileen: Thanks! I'm always happy to share random facts!

    @Hester: Thank you so much!

  10. Great fun,Koci. Funny how Junior High band stays with you...


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