October 4, 2010

Wonderful. Just Wonderful.

Dearest reader(s), something tragic has occurred.

My camera, the one that took such lovely photos such as this…

…yesterday met with its untimely demise.

As I was in the kitchen, taking photos of some orange chicken that I was making, I set my camera (actually, my sister’s camera) on its tripod, resting against the counter and turned around to flip the chicken I was browning. That’s when I heard it—the tiniest little sound, barely even audible, which caused me to turn around. Just as I cast my eyes toward the kitchen island, I saw the tripod start to slide across the counter’s edge. From there, everything went into slow motion, with me yelling, “NO! NO! NO! NO!” as I desperately reached for the camera in a futile attempt to stop its speedy trajectory toward destruction. Alas, my arms were too short and the tripod teetered off balance and smashed into the floor, taking the little pink camera down with it.

Thankfully, the lens itself didn’t break, so there were no glass bits strewn across my kitchen floor. Unfortunately, the outer body of the lens was knocked out an a very unnatural and very inoperable angle. Since this camera is a point-and-shoot, it’s not like I could simply buy a replacement lens, so this baby is kaput.

However, all is not lost, as I do have my mom’s older camera to work with, which is still a point-and-shoot (not the Nikon D3100 of my daydreams) and it does actually take quite nice pictures, seeing as it’s a 12 megapixel camera where the broken one was 10. It also has a lot more manual controls and versatility that I haven’t really figured out just yet. To make the loss even more bearable, my parents were very understanding about the whole thing and aren’t having me pay for my sister’s replacement camera, since it was an accident.

So, using my mom’s camera, here’s some shots of the damage.

First, the lens, which my dad thought he could fix by popping it back into place. Not only did this action prove ineffective, it also makes the camera look less damaged than it actually is, thereby putting a bit of a damper on my pity party.

As you can see, I’ve yet to master the focus on the other camera.

Besides the lens, there were little chunks that got broken off, such as this one.

In the end, the show must and will go on, but the next recipe post will be slightly delayed as I get the hang of another camera. I promise it’ll be extra delicious as a thank you for your lovely patience.


  1. ouch
    I see this as justification to ask for a digital camera for the next gift-giving occasion.
    I once thought I left my camera on top of a 13,000 ft. mountain, climbed the mountain again to look for it, and later found it in a random location at home. I'd say my camera's days are numbered.

  2. Oh crap. that is my biggest fear. I am such a weirdo about the tripod and my kids being in a thousand foot radius of it. I'm always packing it up and putting it away, even if I walk away for a moment. it's so annoying.

    How fabulous to have a back up! cool parents too. I love that pic of your boots in focus. I laughed a bit too loudly, only because I did the exact same thing today, minus the boots. Oh, the woes of being a food blogger:)

    Did you give your blog a face-lift? I really, really like it. awesome job!

  3. @Rachel: I'll definitely be asking for money towards one! Bit by bit, I'm saving up in my piggy bank.

    That's awful! But still, better that your camera ended up being safe at home than stranded on top of a mountain. :D

    @Lauren: Those tripods are tricky creatures, I tell ya. I blame the kitchen fairies.

    hahaha Glad you liked the boots pic! There's definitely some room for improvement.

    I did mess around with the layout and some fonts. Thanks! :)

  4. Oh God I feel your pain. My cameras never last me either, but it's usually because I lost them.

  5. Ohh noo! Well, maybe this can be an excuse to get the camera of your dreams for the holidays??

  6. Aww Koci! at least there's a silver lining in the adjustable settings and higher megapixels.

  7. This is saddening! My laptop recently crashed and I'm waiting for my new Dell to come in the mail. I hate unexpected expenses but I don't mind getting a new and improved toy to play with. :D

  8. @Annah: I haven't lost a camera just yet, but I could totally see how it'd happen. :D

    @Dana: That'd be lovely! I'll go start my letter to Santa...

    @Becky: That is a very nice silver lining!

    @Carolyn: Oooh, I hate it when there's computer troubles! However, like you said, it is a nice excuse for a new present. :)


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