January 21, 2011

Back to School with Butterscotch Blondies

And so it begins. Another semester of college—full of long lectures, late-night essays, and desperate attempts not to fall asleep during history class. However, it’s also the perfect excuse for comfort food!

I don’t know what subconscious craving kicks in every time I’m back in school, but I always end up making a batch of blondies. This time, though, these are no ordinary blondies. They’re butterscotch blondies. Full of brown butter and rich brown sugar, these beauties are deceptively healthy. Having happened upon the recipe over at Cooking Light, I was astonished that they’re only 170 calories per serving! Which is good, because I get a mean case of the late-night munchies when I’m putting my brain to work.

This semester’s going to be filled with subjects such as History of Western Civilization II, World Literature from the 17th Century to Present, Government II, and Speech. So far, everything’s going pretty peachy, since I like history (it’s my minor) and books are kinda awesome. The Government and Speech are lingering prerequisites that I’m getting out of the way before pursuing the upper-level course requirements for my Spanish degree. All in all, this semester’s looking bright. Busy, but bright.

Over my college years, I’ve found that there are few treats better than some form of brownies. Plain and simple, these tiny desserts have super powers. They boost that weary, studied-too-much-for-too-long student morale like no other. Their gooey centers are better than a hug from Mickey Mouse. In short, brownies (or in this case, blondies) are the bestest.

Starbucks sure doesn’t hurt, either.

Blondies/brownies are also a great celebration munchie as well. For instance, I fully plan on eating several of these tomorrow as I rejoice over finishing my first week back at school. Going back is a pain, but yummy treats always soften the blow and remind me of what I’m ultimately working toward.

I’ve also started watching Korean soap operas on Hulu, but that’s a story for another day.

Tomorrow’s going to be for rest, relaxation, and butterscotch blondies.

Find the recipe at Cooking Light.

I replaced half of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat, just to amp up the complex carbs. They were fantastic with the healthy stuff thrown in, so I imagine that they’re even better with only all-purpose.


  1. If school must start again, then there's no better way to welcome it than with these blondies... they sound fab!

  2. If I associated back-to-school time with blondies I would go back for one degree after another!

  3. I just adore blondies! Especially butterscotch. yum!
    Good luck with your classes!! Can't wait to hear the recap.

  4. Comfort food and college, I remember it well. Back in the day mine was reese's bits and frozen yogurt. I like yours better.

  5. These blondies look fantastic, and I love the background you used. Blancing out the positive and negative is also a good idea.

  6. I'm a blondies person much more than a brownies one and I recently discovered my big love for butterscotch. I have two night classes to attend this semester so i guess I will have to try these soon :)

  7. These look marvelous!! I definitely prefer a good blondie over a brownie any day of the week. Best of luck with school this semester.. :)

  8. this looks really good. i know i would love to make this for when my sister visits... yum!


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