January 7, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

You know that whole “Let’s all eat healthy!” thing that people (myself included) keep going on about around this time of year?

Let’s just suspend that level of reality for the next few minutes, because I’ve got a story to tell. It involves chocolate.

A few days ago, I happened upon this beautiful recipe for homemade chocolate truffles over at Simply Recipes. Upon reading how easy it would be to make my own truffles, all thoughts of healthy eating completely flew out the window. Convincing myself that they would still fit within my stricter eating regimen (really, how many calories could possibly fit in one teensy weensy truffle?), I set my sights on the culinary paradise that is Sur la Table to begin my quest for chocolate bliss.

Ohhh, Sur la Table is a dangerous place, isn’t it, foodies? The fact that they were having a huge sale made it even more brutal. In the instant that my eye caught sight of the vibrant Le Creuset pots, pans, and baking dishes I was a goner.

From that initial section of the store, I was drawn to the espresso machines, where they were giving out samples. I tell ya, those Sur la Table people know what they’re doing. Lure us in with discounted-but-still-ridiculously-expensive cookware and then hop us all up on caffeine? Pure genius.

The rest was a heady blur of hefty cookbooks, funky gadgets, and every pastry tip known to man. By the time I’d made a lap around the store, I looked into my little basket and realized that I’d completely forgotten the chocolate! Undeterred, I scooted over to the chocolate-y baking section and located two bars of Scharffen Berger (bittersweet and semisweet) as well as a tin of Guittard Cocoa Rouge (it’s all unsweetened, Dutch process, complex, and fancy shmancy). I know that I technically could’ve gone with a regular grocery store type of chocolate, but how many times does a person make their own truffles?

After paying for my truffle supplies and other goodies, I swiftly made my way home (after stopping for the requisite trip to Starbucks, of course) and got to work on these beauties. With just a few ingredients and a little bit of effort, I soon had a gorgeous bundle of heavenly truffles, decadently smooth on the inside with enough cocoa powder on the outside to smear all over your lips. Of course, my plan to eat only one didn’t really pan out, but that’s beside the point.

Note my glamorous photo shoot, complete with baby chopsticks for smudge-free truffle transportation, and then do yourself a favor and give these a try! You can grab the recipe over at Simply Recipes.


  1. I LOVE truffles! And I'm with you...my "resolve" flew out the window a few days ago!

  2. Is there Sur la Table in Houston? If so, that's reason enough to move back home! I've been to the one in San Francisco, and loved it. Your truffles look very good!

  3. I like your style! My New Year regimen seems to consist of sticky buns and fruit cake.

    I love, love, love this post. Those photographs are gorgeous & yummmmm truffles, those squidgy, cocoa-dusted beauties.

  4. truffles looks delicious...and you are pretty right Sur la Table is a place that will tempt us to buy but very expensive

    ...i made a cheesecake truffle that i am sure you would love to try too : )if u get time do visit my blog



  5. Any story that includes chocolate as a character is a story I want to hear. You are absolutely right too - it is worth buying decent ingredients for truffles as the chocolate/cocoa is really on show here.

  6. Oh wow..these look delicious!
    I would have to agree with you about Sur La Table. That store is every foodies dream!
    I have never made truffles but I do love to eat them!!!

  7. oh i like how you think sweet bella, and great minds think alike :) I'm all for eating clean, and exercising - but I refuse to eat anything low fat or fat free (only whole goodness for me, whole cheese, whole milk, real butter) and I refuse to totally eliminate some of the sweetest things in life, a delicious dessert, a wonderful glass of wine, or a rich meal.....only this am I committed to: moderation, and balancing with exercise, and always leaving room for an unexpected nosh, you never know when you'll run into an old friend, or a new acquaintance....and what a crime it would be to turn that down for some "diet"....blech!

    these truffles are awesome - so hey, eat one or two, and share the rest with great friends, or give a lil basket away to someone who least expects it - what a way to brighten someone's day!!!!!

  8. I'm so glad I have no "eat less sweets" resolution for the new year! These truffles look fantastic. Great pictures, Koci! You got me here drooling :)

  9. I'm currently on a health-kick , but I can assure you these will be made as soon as its over!

  10. Koci-These truffles look so tempting and sinful. So full of chocolatey goodness.
    Thanks for the tip, will check it out!

  11. @Jennifer: Totally!! I'll try and beat that record next year, but for now, it's truffle time! :D

    @Wendy: There are many! Which is good for one's tummy, but not so much for one's bank account. :D

    @Suzler: Sticky buns!! Yum!

    You kinda distracted me there. :D

    @Satya: Cheesecake truffles sound amazing!!!

    @Hester: Very true. :D

    @Kristen: I've been a truffle fan for quite a while now, too. It was definitely fun to make them!

    @mangiabella: I totally agree!! Moderation and exercise is the way to go, but without deprivation. Some things are just too delicious to pass up!

    @Sara: It would be sooo hard to cut down on sweets! I've been on real kick with them lately.

    @A Spicy Perspective: Absolutely! There should always be a few treats along with way for a good job.

    @Elisabeth: They're pretty irresistible, if I do say so myself. :D

  12. Oh wow truffles. I love them! Yours look so perfect and yummy!

  13. looking at these tempting sweet treats no wonder my sweet tooth goes crazy. i don't know anyone who could resist them.
    thanks for sharing Kori,
    sent you a friend request on FoodBuzz, hope you'll accept it.

  14. I love your story and will have to share it with my friend who works at Sur la Table. I know it will make him laugh :D Your truffles were gorgeous! Kudos to you.

  15. Great photos of my all time favorite things, truffles. Love your site. I now have to make some for myself.


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