January 11, 2011

Turkey Sandwich with Cucumber Slaw

Sandwiches are vastly underappreciated.

People don’t give turkey the credit it deserves.

And I’ve completely re-fallen in love with pickles and cucumbers.

Among all of the cookies, pies, and tarts that I’ve been making as of late, the savory goodness of a simple sandwich has been unfortunately neglected. I had forgotten just how yummy a few tasty ingredients between some slices of bread can be.

Okay, I’ll stop waxing poetic about a turkey sandwich.

The point is, it’s delicious. Especially thanks to a cool, crisp cucumber slaw, filled with mini pickles, capers, and Dijon mustard. It punches up the flavor and makes an ordinary sandwich rather exciting.

Well, as exciting as a sandwich can be.

I think I’ve been on break for too long.

Find the recipe at Real Simple.


  1. that is one gorgeous looking sandwich! yummy!

  2. Simplicity and yumminess...I like it ;). Delicious-looking sandwich Koci!

  3. Well, My Tummy just said Yummy!!! hehehe...Ah!The Cheesey me!!

  4. Koci-Sandwiches are so underrated in food blogs...finally someone/you came up with a great idea for a yummy sandwich. I subscribe to Real Simple magazine, and love their simple recipes, and household tips.
    Great slaw recipe...thanks for sharing!

  5. that slaw sounds like pure awesomeness!!!! and such lovely wholesome bread too :) - never underestimate the wow factor of a sandwich I always say.....

  6. You are absolutely right! After all the cookies and candy and heavy holiday foods, a good sandwich can totally hit the spot!

  7. There are two types of sandwich: There are the thinly filled, margarined, mean sandwiches made with nasty bread (bleaugh!) and there are the generous and thoughtful Koci version. Here's to honest-to-goodness simplicity.

  8. @blackbookkitchendiaries: Thanks!

    @Becky: Thank you!

    @Cardamom Hills: hehehe These definitely made my tummy say "yummy!" too. :D

    @Elisabeth: Isn't Real Simple the greatest? I got another issue in the mail just the other day--always makes me smile.

    @Mangiabella: That slaw was quite yummy...although it has officially pushed me over the edge into a mini pickle addiction. :D

    @Dana: My jeans are definitely thanking me for taking a break! Thanks! :)

    @Hester: Aww, thank you! :D

  9. Beautiful photos! And it sounds delicious too!

  10. I agree that sandwiches are underappreciated. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I have made a sandwich. I have been in the habit of leftovers for lunch so much lately.
    This looks delish!!

  11. I love a simple turkey sandwich. Throw pickles into the mix and I'm all about it! Sounds like a great recipe and a satisfying lunch.


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