February 8, 2011

Believe it or Not…

…I have not forgotten about this blog.

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth or anything. It’s just all this gall-durned-dang-nabbit-flippity-flab homework! It’s been taking up all of my time. This past weekend, I experienced the biggest workload of my college career.

Between the English…

…and Speech…

…and History…

The dreaded map test.

I colored that. Purdily.

Rivers. This is what my brain thinks up at 1am.

…and Government…

…my every second was absorbed by academia, leaving no time whatsoever for cooking, or anything enjoyable for that matter. I wanted to hit the kitchen, but every time I had a free second, out popped another piece of homework, sending me straight back to the books and the Mozart study tunes.

However, now that things are slowly simmering down, I should be back in business very soon, so hold onto your hats!


  1. Koci, I sympathize! My older children go through the similar work load and it's not a "purdy" sight! Hang in there, this will all pay off well soon! :)

  2. I feel ya. I hate when homework takes over my life.

    Ah Candide, that was a good book. But no matter how good a book is, it's never as good when you've got a ton other things going on.

  3. oh bella, I am the queen of "falling behind" let me tell ya, the plate has been ridiculously full these days, but ah, that's ok, I don't worry about "keeping up" with the Jonses' in the blogosphere, I just figure when I finally do get that chance to sit down, that what I have to say might be meaningful, or bring a smile to someone's face, or make one think and ponder....and til then, it's all this LIVING that gets in the way :)....talk to you soon!

  4. @Kay: Thanks for the encouragement! There must be something about this time of year that school really gets tough. However, soon enough, it will be summertime! :D

    @Amanda: I know! I think half the books I've read for school would've been much more enjoyable if they weren't a homework assignment.

    @Mangiabella: That's life, I suppose! I think I'll take your advice--relax and blog when there's time. I know I love reading your posts whenever they're posted! :)

  5. That's art, that map is!


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