May 26, 2011

The Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate shot

Look at this.

It is a hot chocolate shot. As in, a serving of hot chocolate that is so decadent, so creamy, so mind-blowingly fantastic that you can’t handle a normal-sized serving.

Want some?

Get in your car.

rice street

Drive here.

wide angle downtown

Enter this building.

chocolate bar exterior

Never ever leave.

In this glorious place of business you will find all of your chocolate-covered dreams come true. No joke, The Chocolate Bar is one of my favorite places in Houston, if not the entire world. Within those doors there are colossal cakes, ambrosial drinks, ice creams galore, and every single food known to man—covered in chocolate. Like any amazing foodie location, it’s a place where you check your dignity, diet, and budget at the door, completely surrendering to the bliss-fest that awaits.

This past visit, I picked up my fair share of goodies, to be shared amongst the fam, of course.

There were chocolate-covered pringles…


…cake slices bigger than my head…

monster chocolate cake

…chocolate-covered salted caramels…

salted caramel

…chocolate-covered mint Milano cookies…


…as well as an assortment of peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered rice krispies, chocolate-covered twinkies, and chocolate-covered caramel pretzels.

box o goodies

If none of that floats your boat, I’ve also come across traditional chocolate-covered fruits—both fresh and candied—all the way to chocolate-covered piles of Capn’ Crunch cereal. This place has everything.

Last but not least, I brought home this mysterious box. Can you guess what it contained?

take out container

Fortune cookies!

fortune cookie 2

Fortune cookies covered in three different kinds of chocolate.

fortune cookie 3

They were yum-tastic.

fortune cookie 1

Truly, my friends, if any of you ever find yourselves hanging around the Houston area, make sure to pay a visit to The Chocolate Bar.

Schmooze with the tables of college kids attempting to finish a piece of Night & Day cake and fight the pharmacy reps for the last bag of chocolate-covered oreos that they use to butter up the doctors in the Medical Center.

Rehydrate with a hot chocolate shot.

Buy me a chocolate pizza and Texas Frito brittle as a thank you.


  1. Koci's Mom and Koci's SisterMay 27, 2011

    We loved our chocolate shots, we shared our choclate-covered pringles, and while mom savored her rush of energy from her chocolate high, my sugar overload didn't stop me from enjoying some of that delicious cake a few hours later.
    We love you Koci! :D

  2. I want to go to there... How long does it take to drive from Austria to Houston?

  3. @My Mom & Sister: D'aww I love you, too. I heart our sugar high adventures. :)

    @Sasa: Hum...I'm not entirely sure, but something tells me that it would involve a bit of canoeing. Totally worth the effort, in my opinion. :D

  4. Hm, I'd better get a canoe too. That cake looks so moist I want to cry.

  5. holy canole! this is chocolate heaven!!! would loooove to spend some time taste testing there :)

  6. OMGOSH! What an unbelievable place...wish I would have known about this a couple months ago when I was in Houston for work. Dang...

  7. Oooooh my goodness. I am so in the mood for chocolate right now and this is NOT helping! The fortune cookie looks amazing! What kind of cake is that, chocolate on chocolate? Or caramel? Do tell!

  8. Oh, boy! I want one of these in my neighborhood!

  9. It's probably my own stupidity for coming here when I was already ravenous. Must have chocolate now!


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