August 12, 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes: Part 2

closet 3

Take a look at that.

Yes, I know it’s not a picture of cake like you were hoping, but take a look at that.

That is part of my closet.

Once upon a time—a.k.a. the photo on the left—my shoes looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa caught in a tornado. It wasn’t pretty and I’m not proud of it, but you know how it goes. Your shoe section starts off clean, then after months and years of kicking your shoes on and off things get a little lax. It no longer bothers you not to have all the boxes stacked perfectly or that your beautiful shoe shelves has been pushed to the back of the closet, simply serving as a hidden storage area for the flip-flops you haven’t worn since you were twelve. New boxes of heels are creatively wedged into place, flats are tossed in all directions, and chaos ensues.

A few days ago, I had enough.

Like most of my cleaning sprees, the idea to reorganize and clean out my shoes hit me by surprise. Just one afternoon, while my house was feeling small and I was feeling a unique combination of boredom and claustrophobia, I cast my gaze toward that sinister corner of my blue-carpeted closet. I narrowed my eyes, grabbed the paper towels and cleaning spray, nabbed a couple trash bags, and set about righting this wrong.

As any of you dear readers know, super-duper overhaul cleaning is both a joy and a nightmare, which is why I chose to document the experience and invite you to share in my delight/misery. Plus we get to talk about shoes, and as much as I hate to sound stereotypically girly…I love shoes.

As you can see from the pictures above, it was merely a question of schlepping all the shoes out of my closet, vacuuming away all the errant dust bunnies that had accumulated over the years, cleaning off and repositioning my shoe shelves, weeding out the shoes that haven’t seen daylight since 2002, and putting it all back in place. Easy peasy, right?

shoe layout

While we’re here, I have to unburden myself.

Yes, my bedroom carpet is blue—it used to make sense. When I was somewhere around the age of nine, I got the chance to select my own color scheme for my old childhood bedroom. At first, fuchsia was my thing—thank goodness my parent’s nixed it—but I ended up choosing light blue walls with white, sponge-painted-by-my-mommy clouds. So you see? Ocean, sky, stuff like that. As of 2009, my walls are a refreshing, garden-like medium green, which still works, but I definitely think my blue phase has come to a end.

Phew! It felt good to get that off my chest. On to the shoe cleanout goodies!

Steve Madden floral flats.

floral flats 1

It just doesn’t get better than floral.

floral flats 2

Chunky brown heels.

brown sandals 1

They’re by Dr. Scholl’s, so they are pumped full of gel comfort whatnots.

brown sandals 2

If I may say so—fierce—red platform heels from Target.

red platforms 2

I’m entering into a heels phase at the moment and I thought these would be a teetering, welcome addition.

red platforms 1

Do any of you own GAP ballet flats?

leopard flats

Flexible, truly ballet-style bottoms, come with a cute carrying pouch, and are available in at least a dozen colors. Amazing.

leopard flats 2

No closet cleanout is complete with at least one embarrassing find. To my credit, I never actually wore these.

Let’s avert our eyes and move on…


Again with the platform-y heels, except in comfortable wedge form by Fergalicious.

fergalicious sandals 2

Gold-toned metallics are my ultimate go-to when it comes to casual shoes. They take away the fear of a mismatched color scheme and simply act like another sparkly accessory.

fergalicious sandals 1

The mini version, by Gianni Bini. Rain, shine, hot, cold—I wear these constantly.

gold sandals

Peep-toes, dontcha love ‘em?

purple peep toes 2

Pops of color are so cute.

purple peep toes

Are you ready to see the finished product? The new-and-improved, organized-to-the-max, pretty-fied closet??

Check it out!

neat shelves 1

A sight like that just makes my geektastic, borderline OCD heart flutter with joy.

neat shelves 4

Bonus—you now know what shoe size I wear.

Those K-Swiss’s are the comfiest shoes I own. Plus they have graduated pink Velcro straps for optimum laziness.

neat shelves 2

Can I just say thank you so much for indulging me in this overtly self-congratulatory post? Really, I appreciate it. Since chores like these are such a pain in the booty, I knew it would be good to share the pain together and make it something fun. When you guys clean out your hundred-year-old shoe collections, I am so ready to hear all about it.

You’re still giggling about my Crocs, aren’t you?


  1. I am thinking you could open up a shoe store!

  2. Love seeing all your shoes :)

    I love shoes, but I hate wearing them. I'll buy cute heels and all I wear are black flip flops and black flats.

    But I love your variety- though I can't say much about your crocs :P Those Dr Scholl's look cute and comfy, maybe I need to get a pair like those.

    And congrats on taking on the tornado stricken leaning tower of pisa! It's such a relief to see a mess turn into an ocd's dream. Urgh reminds me I have a few projects to take care of....

  3. I too owned a pair of Crocs I never wore. They stayed shamefully tucked in the back of my closet for 5 years, then my parents decided to re arose my bedroom while I was away at college and when I came back, my things were in a big pile in the guest room. My boyfriend saw the embarrassment in all it's glory—every hideos thing I owned in high school came back to haunt me. You're so brave to put this on the Internet :).

  4. those are some fabulicious shoes - I love when things get organized!

  5. I am jelous of your big closet and huge shoe shelf. The entire length of my closet is literally the size of your shelf. Loved looking through all of your cute shoes. I feel so much better after a closet overhaul...more room to stock up with new things!

  6. I had a pair of Crocs too... The sad thing is I DID wear them. bleh. Looking back now I don't really know why I liked them in the first place..

  7. WOW, Koci, i should ask you to come over and organize my closet too :))
    Love the floral flats!!

  8. Koci, I have 8 pairs of Crocs in rainbow colors and once upon a time, I used to wear them with pride too! LOL. Nowadays, I stick to strictly heels a la Sex in the City... I have a shoe obsession too, and this wonderful organizing post has motivated me to want to share my shoe collection on my blog too! Just watch my space...maybe next week :-).

  9. Oh my :) my my my! I have kinda, sorta, been stalking your blog for a little while now (maybe like 8 months or more....) aand I LOVE your food posts, but THIS! Oh this is True Love <3
    I had never actually read the about me until I was reading this post and well I see that not only do you love food and shoes but you love DR WHO! Ah-freakin-mazing! Love the shoes (well most of them hehe)


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