December 12, 2011

Gingerbread Waffles

waffles 3
Have you ever had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit? Like when you’re stuck in line at the mall and you hear “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” playing over the intercom one too many times. The teenagers standing in front of you seem physically incapable of lowering their voices below 130 decibels and the toddler behind you keeps coughing its powerful kiddie germs all over your coat. Your forehead starts to perspire, and maybe you get a bit of an eye twitch. All of a sudden, holiday cheer seems like a distant memory of brighter, happier days.

Before I continue on with my story I have to say the aforementioned scenario did not actually happen to me. Well, it hasn’t happened to me all at once, thank the little Christmas angels. But I do hate “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” with a fiery passion.

waffle pour
However, I did find myself a little slow out the gate with holiday spirit this year. Probably due to the fact that finals—which I’m almost done with (!!!)—severely cut into my Christmas-y cooking/baking/eating time. But, I have the cure for a lack of holiday cheer and I’m going to share it with you today. Ready?

(1) Go look at all the pictures of gorgeous holiday dishes at FoodGawker. You’ll immediately want to bake everything in the shape of a Christmas tree.

(2) Search “Christmas Decorations” on Pinterest. Bookmark at least 50 crafty projects that you have no real intention of completing.

(3) Watch Christmas movies. A lot of them. Bonus points for unattractive sweatpants.

(4) Buy more chunky knit scarves than you know what to do with. Wear them around the house because they’re comfy and you’re weird.

(5) Repeat as needed.

finished waffle
I guarantee that the above tips will surely put you in tip-top holiday shape. But honestly, do you know what the best thing about all of those ideas is? You can do every single one of them while eating gingerbread pancakes. While most of the time we tend to focus on impressive meals or yummy desserts, that’s no reason to forget about breakfast. These tasty waffles, with just a hint of gingerbread spice, make for a great winter breakfast. They’re quick to put together and make an everyday breakfast just a little more special.

You can find the recipe I used over at Martha Stewart.

waffles 2


  1. How could anyone not be in the holiday spirit after eating these delicious looking waffles! They look absolutely fabulous!

  2. I have NEVER had a gingerbread waffle before!!! By the way, I could see that scenario happening to me. I often hate queueing up... A necessary ingredient often gets opted out because i was too lazy to queue up for 1 ingredient...

  3. Those waffles look just amazing! Definitely will get you in the holiday spirit.
    I already watched Elf and The Holiday to get me in the Christmas spirit! :)

  4. @danasfoodforthought: Thank you! They definitely help give the day a festive start.

    @Jesica: They're wonderful! hehehe I can definitely relate to the lazy line-ups. Long lines at the grocery store are the worst! :D

    @Kristen: Thank you! And you've seen The Holiday? I LOVE that movie! :D

  5. Yum! I've been having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, too, but the scarves -- and the waffles -- are excellent ideas. Thanks! :)

  6. Ooooh. I need a waffle iron. STAT.

    I'm struggling with the Christmas spirit too. In fact, I only just realised that Christmas Eve is a week today. GAH. I need to dig out Home Alone, Love Actually and various Christmas specials. STAT. (Okay, stop saying stat now.)

    Actually though, I've already started making heart eyes at the Christmas cookies on Foodgawker and pinning Christmas craft projects I'll never complete, AND I'm typing this wearing a scarf. Wait a minute. Are you me???

  7. @jhl: I think waffles are the answer to practically any problem in the world. :D

    @Suz: Waffle irons are a magnificent creation *nods*.

    Love Actually is marvelous. Christmas-y movies with ensemble casts get me every time.

    And yes, we've got to be twins or something. :D


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