August 10, 2012

Kitchen Disaster: Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream

ice cream 1
Last week: “Oh cool, the Olympics are starting. But I need to finish up these essays for history class.”
This week: “You don’t understand, I have to stay up ‘till 5am to watch live coverage!”

Yesterday: “Yeah, I tried some yoga, but it didn’t seem very challenging. I don’t think I’ll stick with it.”
Today: “Where’s the ibuprofen?”

I promise that I’m not normally this flighty. It’s only temporary, fad experiences that bring it out in me. Like how I was sure I’d look gorgeous in one of those slouchy-boyfriend-jeans-oversized-sweater-with-high-heels combinations. All the six foot tall, sixteen-year-old supermodels look great in it, so surely it must work on me, too! I realized, however, that on me it looks more homeless than high fashion. This phenomenon reared its ugly head once again with this attempt at “healthy” chocolate ice cream…

A few days ago: “Healthy chocolate ice cream?! Awesome! It’ll be just as yummy as Haagen-Daz and I can eat all I want! I’ve unlocked the secret to eternal health and satisfaction!”

Yesterday: “What am I going to do with this quart of chalky goop?”

Thanks to some severely miscalculated amounts of cocoa powder and agave nectar, this dish went straight down the drain, pretty as it may look. I tasted spoonful after spoonful, trying to convince myself that if I just let it sit for another hour or so, if I just let myself get used to it’s pure, unrefined flavor, this ice cream would magically become delicious.

It didn’t.

But at least I have an excuse to show you the cute panda bowls I picked up at H-Mart!

panda 2

panda 1
panda 3
There’s even an adorable, huge panda on the inside, nomming away on a bamboo snack!

inside panda bowl

It also comes in pink! (Even if the photo looks red.)

pink panda

Sooo, as much as I had stars in my eyes about presenting you guys with a gorgeous, nay, miraculous bowl of low-calorie, high-flavor chocolate ice cream, it seems that I may have been just a little too optimistic. Despite attempts at healthiness, I tend think that perhaps ice cream is simply one of those treats best enjoyed in its richest, most delicious form, regardless of the healthy factor.

Speaking of ice cream, do you have any favorite recipes?? I’m ready for something amazing!


  1. Sorry to hear your ice cream didn't turn out as planned. But hey, sometimes you get it right sometimes not.
    And your comment about the boyfriend jeans made me laugh. Not a good luck for me either.

  2. Well I guess it is low calorie as it isn't nice enough to scoff :( I don't think icecream does healthy. Never mind - cute panda bowl :)

  3. Such a fabulous recipe ~ I love spaghetti squash as pasta!

  4. Hehehehe! I often fool myself, for like a second, that I'll also look good in slouchy jeans and heels, then I realise that my legs will look *even shorter than they already are* which is like 20cm. So I stop.


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