October 31, 2010

Halloween Daleks!!!

If you, like me, are a humongous “Doctor Who” fan, the Daleks need no introduction. In fact, you’re probably too busy squealing at the awesomeness pictured above to even bother reading what I’m writing here.

Therefore, if you’ve made it this far without a geeky fan outburst, you’re probably unaware of what a Dalek is. Allow me to elaborate on why these creatures are the most perfect villian/monster/psycho/robot you’ve ever seen.

First of all, if you don’t know what a Dalek is, you probably don’t know what “Doctor Who” is either. In a nutshell, “Doctor Who” is a British television show that revolves around a man called The Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He travels around with universe, usually with a human companion, and pretty much saves the world on a daily basis. Having lived for over 900 years, The Doctor is able to regenerate himself when he is about to die, causing him to change into a completely different person and continue kicking Dalek boo-tay (hence the different actors that have portrayed him over the years). Although he battles many an enemy—from the classic Cybermen, to the super-freaky Weeping Angels, to another Time Lord called The Master—the Daleks are definitely the most recurring enemy which he faces.

To explain a bit more and a bit better than I can, check out this video…

To top it all, they utter one of the most recognizable phrases in television history (at least if you’re an avid BBC viewer like myself). Whenever they’re about to kill something, they yell “Exterminate!!!” in a very loud and slightly panicked digital voice. There’s really no explaining how much I love this phrase or even how much I love their voices in general, it’s something that you just have to experience. To hear it is to love it.

Not to mention that they’re experts at dissing Cybermen.

There you have it—Daleks are totally awesome enemies and are the perfect Halloween villian.

Not to mention that they make delightful sugar cookies.


  1. these look soo beautiful..very new to me..thanks for the informative write up.Happy Halloween

  2. They're awesome! I love the Halloween-y colours. That's definitely something for Moffat to consider. I mean, we've had primary colour Daleks - surely this is the next step?

    The Dalek/Cyberman banter is amazing. I think they all secretly love each other but they don't know how to express it.

    Haha, I can't get over how cool these are!

  3. I'm not a Dr Who fan but these cookies are simply adorable! Now I have to go online and check out Dr Who. I love this sweet take to a show!

  4. @sinfullyspicy: Thanks! A Happy Halloween to you too! :)

    @Suzler: Yes! There must be official Halloween Daleks!

    hahaha I could see it! They are acting particularly catty. xD

    @Sara: Do go have a look! It's a fantastic show.

  5. Halloween daleks - brilliant! Koci, you're an original!
    You've inspired me to make Tardis cookies when I can find that exact shade of police box blue! I'm a BIG Dr Who fan - with David Tennant as Dr Who of course.

  6. Great job on your cookies. I love The Doctor and think your creative Daleks are the perfect Halloween treat.

  7. These cookies look amazing! What a beautiful Halloween treat. I love the coloring and the design. Looks adorable.

  8. @Hester: Tardis cookies would be epic!!

    Oh yes, David Tennant is the ultimate Doctor! :D

    @Lady Cooks the Blues: Thank you!! :)

    @Faith: Thanks! Royal icing is definitely a tricky medium, but I'm glad to have gotten a bit more practice.

  9. I have to be honest, I have never heard of Doctor Who and have no idea what a Dalek is, but I enjoyed learning all about them in your post! Daleks do sound pretty cool and I love how they look in cookie form :-) Very creative!

  10. you are so creative:) i really love how pretty this look.

  11. @Marisa: Cookies are definitely my favorite teaching method. :D

    @blackbookkitchendiaries: Thank you!

  12. These cookies are so fabulous! I love the design. You rock:)

  13. They look adorable and must taste yummy...


  14. These are adorably terrifying in their Dalek-ocity! I am rather fond of David Tennant, but I also think Matt Smith has done brilliantly thus far. I especially love Dr. Who's intricate plots.
    These cookies are amazing!

  15. <3 this!!! Avid Dr. Who fan!! :-)

  16. Just found your blog and this post is enough for me to <3 you. I adore these cookies and am totally jealous of your cookie cutters!

    David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but oh man...Matt Smith is definitely working his way up.


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