November 1, 2010

A Quick Note

Hello all! This isn’t any sort of post—just a quick note to let you know that I’m messing around with some formatting of the posts around here, so don’t be alarmed if anything looks a little wonky for the next few days. It’s not any sort of big changes. All I’m doing is inserting some “Read More” options into my posts rather than have each one take up a huge area on the homepage.

If that statement made no sense to you (because it sure didn’t make any sense to me), just click on the La Kocinera logo at the top to see the new way some of the posts are arranged.

That is all.

I’m off to gobble some leftover Halloween candy.


  1. looking forward to see the new site! :)

  2. Lovw all the cute Halloween snacks, and cookies you made, very creative, and delish.

    Koci-I have an award for you to pick up at my blog. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers of your choice.
    Well deserved. congratulations!

  3. @Faith: Thankfully, there weren't too many changes that I had to make, just a bit of reorganization. :)

    @mr. pineapple man: Welcome!

    @Elisabeth: Thanks for the award!! :D

  4. This might just surprise you a bit but should tell you how much I love your blog! You have just been conferred with an award :) please check my blog post for rules.
    Cardamom hills

  5. When you done with your blog maybe you find the time to do mine too ha ha ha
    can;t wait to see the make-over :)

  6. @Cardamom Hills: Thank you so much!!

    @Green Girl: haha Well, I hate to disappoint you, but this is it. Just a few posting readjustments. :D


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