December 5, 2010

Cast Your Vote!

I’m dealing with an existential crisis and I desperately need your help.

Yes, you in the sweatpants. And you who’s pretending to be concentrating on a spreadsheet at work. You too, mother whose toddler is badgering you about applesauce. I need your input on something.

Have I got your attention? Have I made you feel vaguely uneasy? Wonderful!

I want to know how you feel about what you’ve been reading around here. As time goes on, I’m getting a little bored with the constant step-by-step format of the dishes presented on La Kocinera. I feel like it’s distracting to constantly jump back and forth between a thin line of text and a huge photo. Not to mention the added length that it creates in each post. Plus, I’ve noticed that worrying about taking a picture of every single step tends to distract me from how much I enjoy the process of cooking, a side effect that I’m really not liking.

Taking this into account, how do you feel about going with a sleeker approach? Something with a few beautiful final shots, with maybe a few preparation pics as well, rather than a visual documentation of each and every step. Be honest with me. If you like the way things are, if you revel in the humongous photos everywhere you cast your gaze, if you find them helpful—tell me! If you’d prefer something a little less busy, a bit more simplified, something that you can read in a couple minutes—tell me that, too.

Let me know. I’ve got a very yummy recipe in the works as a reward for your efforts!


  1. This isn't going to be terribly helpful, but I would enjoy your posts either way. :D However, I say cut down the photos if it's ruining your enjoyment of cooking. I get that too, which is why sometimes my posts have lots of process photos and sometimes none at all. Consistency is not my middle name. (Actually, I don't have a middle name.)

  2. I somehow felt like we have a little in common here. Sometimes having to photograph each step of process may really be distracting. But, to be honest, whenever I find a beautiful step by step with clear photos of something I have never done before and want to learn how to do, this is where I stay. On my blog, I usually put step by step photos of more complicated things only.

  3. Personally I love when blogs do step by step pictures, but if you look on my blog I don't even mess with them. As you mentioned, it's difficult to do while cooking. I would suggest taking pictures of steps you think readers would benefit from seeing a picture. Or if you're worried about the size of the post, make the step by step photos smaller.

    Just fyi, I love your blog. I like all the pictures. But if taking pictures all the time makes cooking less fun, don't do it! Have fun in the kitchen!

  4. You see, I always liked step by step photos. I can't do them because I have too many cats around that would jump on the food at any time but I like when people post them. If you feel you have too many though I would suggest this: keep the step by step but with fewer photos. Keep only the ones that are meaningful. If you want to show the color or consistency of a batter or how to fold something that's good. I don't think people need to see a pic of eggs and sugar in a bowl: we know how that looks like. Maybe by keeping only the most meaningful steps you will feel the post is more sleak. Personal opinion, of course. I never stopped reading your posts because there were too many pics thus far :)

  5. I think your step-by-step photos are great, but I can completely see how it's taking away from the cooking process. Taking that many photos is whole lot of work! I say make your life easier, and just do a few. It won't make your blog any less awesome.

  6. @Suzler: And that's why I luffles you so! hehehe I like the idea of just doing process stuff when inspiration strikes.

    And I think "Consistency" should be your middle name, since you don't have one at the moment. Suzler Consistency...uh, McSuzler. Rolls right off the tongue!

    @Renata: Definitely! I like the idea of sticking to step-by-steps for more complicated stuff.

    @somethingsavory: Paring it down a bit would be nice. Aww, thank you! :)

    @Sara: I like that! Just a few, crucial pics, rather than every little thing.

    @Karen: hehehe Thank you!!

  7. Hi Koci, first off I love your pictures. Secondly, when I read posts that are step by step I usually don't even take the time to look at these photos unless it's a challenging part in the recipe and a picture would help me accomplish creating the same amazing dish. I hope that helps some. Just make sure you're having fun!

  8. I love you step-by-step format personally. But as far as my own blog goes, Mani and I tend to agree that the added pressure of trying to take great cooking process pictures detracts from the fun in the kitchen. And it's more time-consuming when you take into account uploading, photo editing and writing the damn blog on top of it all. We're pressed for time as it is, so the fewer steps the better has been our approach.

    I think your blog should always be about fun first. As soon as it starts to feel like work, something's wrong. If you enjoy the step-by-step approach, have at it. If not, do what feels right :)

  9. I feel the extact same way as you about stopping to take a photo at every step--which is why I rarely do it! I always got to give props to the people that do, because it stresses me out. I've always loved your big step-by-step photos but I don't want it to take away from you enjoying the cooking process. If your having trouble deciding, maybe do a step by step only once in a while. Your blog is great either way!

  10. Hello,
    I just found your blog through Tastespotting and everything I've been browsing through looks delicious, and your photos really pop.

    I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do step by step photos, and have been contemplating if it's something I should consider doing myself. I've been leaning towards not taking on such an ambitious task primarily because of what your concerns are - time, distraction, and layout of your blog.

    While I understand that lots of people like seeing something step by step, personally, I do find it distracting. I have over 100 food blogs on my google reader, and sometimes the step by step photos get a little out of hand and I find myself skipping over them.

    Some ideas that I've thought of are similar to the ones others have suggested here. Maybe do step by step for the complicated stuff. Or you could always do the step by step in a photo collage. Where the step by step pictures are smaller square pictures placed right next to each other, only taking up a small block of each post.

    Like I said, I've enjoyed browsing your blog and I look forward to whatever new creations you make (and however you present them!)

    Chow on,
    Kacey @ Kacey's Kitchen

  11. This is my first time to visit your blog, but I wanted to answer your question.

    I personally don't need a lot photos showing every little step, and whenever I visit a blog that shows pictures of each step, I just keep scroll on down and don't pay attention to the pictures.

    If stopping to take pictures of every little step is taking some of your joy out of the cooking process, then don't do it.

    Most people don't need to see a picture of how to mix ingredients. And they don't need to see a picture of how to fry something.

    I think step-by-step photos are excellent when you're trying to explain something that might be somewhat complicated. But pictures of every little's not something I want or need.

    Happy New Year! sheila


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