December 16, 2010

Linzer Christmas Cookies

I’m beginning to think that it’s scientifically impossible for people not to smile when they see a Linzer cookie. Honestly, I has just Googled them because I couldn’t decide whether I should capitalize the word “Linzer” and ended up totally hypnotized by all the lovely photos. I’m here to tell ya, Googling Linzer cookies is almost as entertaining as Googling alpacas.

What? Alpacas are hilarious.

So, now that I’ve gone completely off subject, let’s steer things back to the cookies. They’re so pretty and so festive—an ideal Christmas cookie. Which is why I’ve decided to enter them in the Kitchen Corners December Cook Off, hosted by the truly wonderful Damaris of Kitchen Corners. I think that Linzer cookies would make a fantastic addition to the already amazing line up of cookies that are popping up at this cook off.

Unlike your average Christmas cookies—those decorated sugar cookie type things—Linzers have a bit of character. They’re a dignified, complex sort of cookie, composed of two hazelnut, almost shortbread-like cookies and filled with raspberry jam. Oh, and they’re coated in powdered sugar.

The assembly may look a little difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s just a matter of following a few easy steps.

First you’ve got a bottom cookie, which you bake without any of the cute cutouts.

Then, rather than simply spread the jam with a knife, I found it easier and less messy to pipe a thick squiggle of it in the middle and let it spread out when I pressed the top cookie on top of it.

Before applying the top cookie, liberally dust it with powdered sugar.

Briefly admire the pretty design it leaves on your cutting board.

And then top the cookie!

See? Pretty easy, right?

Now, that being said, in my Linzer-related adventures I did discover a few key tips that will make your Linzer-related adventures a little less hazardous.

  1. Cut out the cookies at a medium thickness. You want them to be substantial enough that they don’t fall apart during assembly.
  2. Use a spatula whenever possible to transfer your cookie pieces from A to B, just because, again, they can be fragile.
  3. Because the cookie dough can be quite sticky, roll it out between two sheets of plastic wrap. It’ll save you and your countertops from a lot of messy flour.

The final component of my contest entry for the cook off involves giving these cute little Christmas cookies to someone else. In this case, thanks to some not-so-subtle hints around Thanksgiving about loving any and all cookies, I was able to contribute a package of Linzers to the growing pile on my Government teacher’s desk the day of our final. In the past, he has specified that he really liked chocolate chip cookies, so I was a little worried that the whole hazelnut-raspberry combination might not be to his liking. However, the second he read the card on my box of cookies, I heard him say that he loved both hazelnuts and raspberries—score!

While we took our final, he graded tests and munched away on all the treats. Not to toot my own horn, but he truly raved about these, saying—and I quote—that they were “To die for.” When I turned in my test, I told him I was glad he liked the cookies (he didn’t know they were from me up to that point) and he raved again. He asked if I had made them myself and was completely flabbergasted when I said I had.

Finally, he asked if I had got the bonus question right—what was his dog’s name—and I said “no.” “I’ll give you a point anyway, because of those cookies” was his response. He then went ahead and decided to give the whole class the bonus point on their tests, too. Again, I don’t mean to brag, but these are some powerfully delicious cookies.

So there you have it, thanks to a plate of cookies there can be joy abounding and better test grades across the board. Reason enough to give them a try, don’t you think? I used this lovely recipe over on Epicurious.


  1. veramente carini!!!! sicuramente farai felici tutti.
    Un bacio e felici feste

  2. @angicock: Grazie mille! :)

  3. Oh, Koci! These are so beautiful! Quite a work of art. I bet these tasted heavenly!

  4. oh bella, i am thoroughly entertained...even more than googling alpacas (they have alpaca farms out here up north haha) - seriously, how adorable are these???

    i am completely convinced they are to die little sophia would do somersaults for these, def.

  5. These are so adorable! Love it!

  6. They are the prettiest cookies I've seen so far this year. Sounds like you had fun making them too! Great pics as usual.

  7. These look gorgeous!!!

  8. Very beautiful Linzers. Love the shape.

  9. oh my goodness these look too beautiful to eat. amazing!

  10. You did a beautiful job! Stunning cookies:)

  11. They look incredible! I love jam in cookies & they're really pretty. The prettiest I've seen.

    I know someone who has a herd of alpacas. Those guys crack me up. I love the ones with cool hairdos.

  12. Koci-These are the most beautiful Linzer cookies I have seen for the holidays. You make it sound so easy. Love the step-by-step recipe photos, as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. hey i saw your pics all over tastespotting today, congrats! These look really beautiful!

  14. I'm pretty sure it's scientifically impossible to not smile at THESE linzer cookies, especially. The christmas trees and stars are so pretty. I loved how the professor was inspired by your cookies to give everyone a bonus...nice!

  15. Hey, what a wonderful blog you have.

    (Kisses from Spain-Europe)

  16. @Kay: Thank you! They were quite yummy. :D

    @mangiabella: You have nearby alpaca farms?! hehehe Thanks!

    @Renata: Thank you!

    @Hester: I'm a sucker for any sort of festive cookies, so there was no question that this recipe would be tested. :D

    @Becky: Thanks!!

    @Lora: Thank you! I've never been more glad for my mom's huge bag of cookie cutters. :D

    @Damaris: Thanks! :D

    @Cake Dutchess: Thank you!

    @Suzler: Thanks!

    You know alpaca herders?! O.O

    @Elisabeth: Thank you! There is a teensy bit of assembly required with these, but I think they're well worth the effort. :)

    @Amanda: Thank you! I'm always thrilled when they get accepted. :D

    @Marisa: I was sooo happy that he liked them! Everyone in class had a good chuckle at all the sudden cookies that appeared around finals time.

    @Hilda: Aw, thank you! :D

  17. Awesome, these look so great- ill bet they taste yummy too!

    We nearly got alpacas a few years back, until we saw someone being kicked in the face by one (!!!!!!) funny and not funny at the same time, decided to get another cat instead!! Have a super food filled Christmas :-)

  18. Oh what a lovely blog!!
    And the cutest cookies , i voted for ur pretty cookie and am also here to wish u happy hols!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Awesome cookies ..looks gorgeous. Wish you Happy christmas !!!


  20. @Ruairi: Oh wow! That's funny/awful/hilarious/terrible! Cats definitely seem to be the more emotionally stable animal. :D Merry Christmas to you, too!

    @SugarPlumFairy: Aw, thanks for the vote! I really appreciate it! Merry Christmas to you, too! :D

    @Pavithra: Thanks! Merry Christmas! :)

  21. Ciao! Complimenti per il blog! Questi tuoi biscotti mi hanno dato un'idea x questo Natale! - Hi! So cute blog! I think this will be a good idea for my next xmas cookies ;) (I added you, if you want that's mine. > bye!

  22. I am making these for the first time this Christmas holiday. I found a recipe online that received good reviews, however, would you be willing to share the Linzer cookie recipe that you used to make these? Thank you, they are fantastic, I am going to try and copy to the best of my ability!!


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