October 30, 2011

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

trick or treat peanut butter cup

And this is why I love fall.

Fall is the only time of the entire year that is practically solely devoted to food, starting with Halloween. It’s like the inaugural sugar rush to set you up for Thanksgiving and Christmas’s treats to come. A quick holiday to stretch your tummy muscles for occupying the absolute feasting of the next two months. Whoever decided to create a holiday that completely centers itself on the consumption of candy was really onto something.

chocolate fill 1

An incentive such as Halloween seems like the perfect excuse for making homemade peanut butter cups. Smooth little tidbits of chocolate filled with creamy, sugary peanut butter encapsulate all of my favorite candylicous flavors. Not to mention how simple they are to make. Requiring only a handful of everyday staples, these peanut butter cups are great for throwing together when you want a quick munchie and have already eaten all the packaged Halloween candy in your house.

peanut butter add

Can we just take a moment to drool over this chocolate?

pouring chocolate 2

I got a few bars of Scharffen Berger on sale at the grocery store and they have been beyond amazing—so creamy and so smooth!

But, chocolate geekery aside, homemade peanut butter cups are pretty darn awesome. No doubt your house is currently filled to the brim with all shapes and sizes of candy, waiting for oodles of trick or treaters to come bang their candy-coated hands on your front door (unless you live in a neighborhood of octogenarians like I do). What I’m saying is, take a couple minutes to make a batch of these goodies just for yourself. Nothing looks worse than a grown adult wrestling the last Snickers from the hands of a tiny Batman.

peanut butter cup 3

Head over to the fabulous Brown-Eyed Baker for the recipe.

October 12, 2011

Black Bean Hummus

hummus 1

Do you know what I find terrifying?

Like Halloween-level super scary?

More frightening than accidentally watching one of those ghosty shows on the History Channel?

One thing.

A world without beans.

hummus 2

Black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, cannellini beans—I love them all.

Do you know what else is fabulous?


Because it contains beans.

hummus 3

This black bean hummus goes so far beyond merely substituting black beans for chickpeas. Between the cilantro, lime, cumin, garlic, and jalape├▒o, this is one of those things that goes from tasty to addictive within a single bite. You can get all healthy with it and pair the hummus with carrot and celery sticks. There’s toasted pita, or perhaps spreading it in a tortilla to help give a normal burrito a flavorful kick. It’s great with chips, if a simple bean dip vibe is what sounds yummy, and that’s really just the beginning of all the marvelous ways you can enjoy this gorgeous stuff.

It’s also insanely delicious licked straight off the spoon at two in the morning.

Um…or so I’ve been told.

Grab the recipe at Cooking Light.

October 1, 2011

Shrimp and Coconut Soup

soup 1

Hiya kiddos!

Remember me? The person who writes this blog?

You know those times when you plan to do something in an hour, but you look up and it’s a week later? That’s what has been happening to me lately in the realm of yummy blog posts. I’ll cook something on the weekend, take tons of photos, and all of a sudden it’s Monday and I have to do responsible things like get an education, have a job, be a functioning member of society, blah, blah, blah. So then it happens that my hard drive gets full of cute pictures and tasty recipes that take forever to see the light of day, which is no way to run a blog.

So, even though I’m surrounded by “important” things like homework and tests, I wanted to leave you with a delicious recipe to tide you over for a few days until I can put together a real post.

soup 4

Fun fact: I just spelled “important” as “importante” because I finished taking a Spanish for Business test about two minutes ago. We’ve been learning about la estructura de empresas, la gerencia, la Administraci├│n por Objetivos, y los diferentes estilos de gerencia entre los paises hispanohablantes y norteamericanos.

I’m only showing off because I think I did well on the test.

Watch me end up getting a 60%.

Anyway, this soup/noodly business is so full of yum that I can’t hardly stand it. There’s coconut milk, which is undoubtedly one of the top ten greatest ingredients ever. There’s pretty pops of orange carrots and green onions. There’s noodles. There’s curry powder. There’s shrimp.

Sound good? Give it a try. My family inhaled this in about five minutes flat.

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