November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Snippets

Since it has now been several days since Thanksgiving, I thought it might finally be time to chat a little bit about what went on at my own celebration. I didn’t want to start blogging pictures the night of because all of you who celebrated the holiday as well were probably just as stuffed as I was. With all the food and commotion, I believe that Thanksgiving is one of those major holidays that we need some time to process. So, since everyone has had plenty of time to digest and eat as many leftovers as possible, let’s treat this series of snippets as a kind of Thanksgiving victory lap.

Obviously, to start off with one of the most important dishes of Thanksgiving, I present you with our turkey. Rather than go the traditional route, this year I opted to try an Adobo Turkey with Red Chile Gravy from Gourmet. Thanks to a deep, savory blend of ancho and guajillo chiles in both the marinade and the gravy, this turkey really amped up the warm, comforting vibe of Thanksgiving. Not to mention the fact that my family practically inhaled it within the immediate 24 hours surrounding that day.


November 16, 2011

Risotto-Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash

squash 1

You know how Superman's only weakness is kryptonite? While I'm not well-versed in superhero lore, I know enough to be pretty sure that there's nothing Superman can do to overcome that substance's power. Whenever the bad guy whips out the kryptonite, you know things are going to get bad. There's no escaping it--kryptonite trumps Superman.

Risotto is my sister's kryptonite.

It was one of the first things that I made back when I really became interested in cooking. Due to its exposure to my little sister's psyche at a relatively young age, she can't get enough of it. At least that’s my theory. It's a perennially requested birthday dish for her and whenever there's a pot of rich, creamy risotto bubbling away on the stove, she can smell it for miles.

I really should've warned the poor kid before making this, though. Rather than stirring together a batch of regular, basic risotto, this time I added portobello mushrooms, asparagus, pancetta, heavy cream, and extra Parmesan. And then stuffed it all in some of the most delicious squash I've ever tasted.

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