March 29, 2012

Spring Break Adventures, Part 1

As you know, I am currently a college student.
As you know, college students have spring breaks.
As you know, college spring breaks are usually full of wild parties and scandalous behavior.
As you know, this geeky food blogger's spring break was not.
Yep, rather than cruise down to the beach with a group of wild and crazy gal pals, I stuck nearby. Due to the unfortunate nature of college costing an arm and a leg, there hasn't been any extra cash around for major vacations as of late. But if you think that it cost me the fun of spring break, you would be quite mistaken. It wasn’t all Snuggies and Netflix for this girl. Even without huge vacation plans, my family and I ended up doing some rather fun activities.
The way we decided our budget-friendly plans was this--while we can't go on an international, jet-set vacation in the here and now, we can come up with some entertaining substitutions. Taking advantage of Houston's amazing cornucopia of cultures, we decided to do a mini tour, starting with Sweden.
By way of Ikea.
Don't roll your eyes at me you lucky international travelers! I am well aware that a huge warehouse of gorgeous, reasonably-priced furniture and yummy little meatballs can in no way replace the experience of actually being in the Sweden. Rather, I like to think of it as a taste of the bigger picture. And let me tell you, that future tastes pretty darn good.

March 18, 2012

Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshakes

shake 1
Whenever I think of the times that I have really had a craving for a rich, decadent dessert, they seem to coincide with a certain amount of laziness. There are the occasions when you feel proactive and want to create impressive delicacies, of course, but there are also plenty of times when you’re lounging on the couch with your laptop, lurking on people’s Facebook pages reviewing your stock portfolio and simply can’t be bothered to spend an hour in the kitchen.
In times like these, what are your options? Dive into that bowl of stale Halloween candy? Miss the next episode of 30 Rock C-Span Congress coverage? It is precisely times such as these that call for Funfetti Cake Batter Shakes—simple, delicious, and ready in three easy steps.

March 6, 2012

Ruggles Cafe Bakery

After letting these photos languish on my computer for a good two weeks, I finally decided that enough was enough. Even though I’ve got pages upon pages of funky linguistic symbols to type out and plenty of philosophy exams to yank my hair over, I cannot go any longer without telling you guys about this delicious foodie field trip on which I embarked.
Situated in Rice Village (one of my favorite areas of Houston) and nestled just beyond the neighborhood’s canopy of oak trees, Ruggles CafĂ© Bakery is a place that I have frequented many times before. The decidedly bustling street that its located on is packed to the gills with countless other shops and restaurants, with ample people watching to pass the time. The balance between everyday, healthy dishes and splurgy specialties available on their menu make for plenty of opportunities to sample new things and enjoy old favorites.

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