November 21, 2012

Pumpkin Mascarpone Pie

watermarked pie
Why do you think these photos only show one side of the pie?

Here’s a hint: One of us has an incredible lack of self-control.

Here’s another hint: One of us believes in the importance of taste tests, especially for pies that one has made for the past three Thanksgivings in a row. Quality control, people.

Here’s one more hint: One of us knew that the photos would look just fine at a carefully camouflaged angle.

Can you guess??

Yes, I think we all know ‘twas I who enjoyed a nice, big forkful of pie before bothering to take photos of this yummy creation. Rather than a warning sign of impending Thanksgiving gluttony, however, I view this occurrence as a happy testament to just how delicious Pumpkin Mascarpone Pie really is. Like I said, I’ve been making it for several years now, ever since I saw the recipe in an issue of Bon App├ętit and fell in love with its light, perfectly pumpkin-y flavor.

November 7, 2012

Halloween Chocolate Bark and a Video

Bark pic final
After posting that list of all the Halloween food projects I had been keeping in my bookmarks, I couldn’t resist trying one out. However, I made this decision as Halloween was fast approaching, leaving me with very little time for elaborate sugar cookies or and major confections. This, and the opportunity to fit as much candy in my mouth as possible lead me to try out Halloween Chocolate Bark. Taking inspiration from all the yummy recipe variations I’ve been seeing around the internet, I put together a version of chocolate bark absolutely filled to the brim with some of my most favorite candies as well as a few surprises (like pretzels—what were they doing on the Halloween aisle??).

Plus, as a super duper special bonus to this already delicious pile of sugar, I decided to take my normal photographic efforts and turn them into another YouTube video! As much as I was ready to take plentiful photos of sprinkling candy and luscious ribbons of melted chocolate, something told me they would look even better in real life, rather than just a pretty picture. So, here it is! Just in time to help you use up all that leftover Halloween candy—Halloween Chocolate Bark.

We’ve got the English version…

As well as a version in Spanish!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I managed to have a birthday a few weeks ago! With a nice, quiet day at home, I think my favorite part was actually my birthday flowers. They’ve got these amazing light and dark pink ribbons on the petals. Look how cool they are!
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