May 14, 2014

March/April Favorite Things / Cosas Favoritas de Marzo/Abril

English (EspaƱol abajo)

It may seem that things have been somewhat quiet around the blog for a while now, but it’s actually just that I’ve been doing a few non-food-related things over on YouTube these days. Since this is primarily a food blog, I wasn’t sure how well they would fit in over here. However, I’ve talked about my other interests before on this blog and it’s not fair to leave you guys out on my current YouTube-y fun, so I thought I’d try including blog posts featuring some of my other YouTube ventures. Today, we’re talking about favorite things!

Thanks to some lovely (read: not lovely) internet problems that I’ve been having since March, I didn’t end up posting a March favorites video, so April’s video is going to be a March-April hybrid. For those of you who’d prefer to hear about it all in video format, here’s the YouTube video all about my March/April favorite things.

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